Sunday, October 08, 2006

Things to do on this blog

Note to self. Things to do on this blog. After all, there's been quite a lot of interesting stuff happening in the world of EU law and politics since I rather ran out of steam in the summer. Some interesting recent cases, such as Cadman on whether employers can pay long serving employees more just because they are longserving, and the judgments in the two cases about voting for the European Parliament, the ones where I had previously blogged a note about the (much more interesting) Advocate General's Opinion. The Azores case, in which the Court of Justice appears to have restricted (in the name of the state aid rules) the fiscal flexibility of states operating in favour of regions, a case which might have considerable long term consequences for Scotland. Another interesting case brought by the Commission against Ireland, in which the Court has concluded that Ireland cannot take its disputes relating to Sellafield, so far as they fall within the scope of Community and Euratom law, to the International Tribunal on the Law of the Sea, but must deal with them within the framework of the EU. Some older case law which I think it might be helpful for me to have a think about, because I still find it really puzzling, such as the Mangold case. The whole business of the now anticipated accession of Romania and Bulgaria (ably summarised here), and what that will mean for the free movement of labour. On that score, I'd like to have a rant about a story told to me about a friend, who is having trouble bringing the Romanian member of her research team to the UK to work on an EU-funded project, because apparently he has been selected for enhanced visa-scrutiny by the UK bureaucrats, literally 3 months before Romania becomes a member of the EU and thus all visas are automatically ruled out...

Further note to self. Find time to do at least some of these things properly, even if you can't manage them all...


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