Wednesday, January 03, 2007

The fate of the EU's Constitutional Treaty

In lieu of a proper post, here is a link to two papers I have recently written on the fate of the Constitutional Treaty - one for a more legal audience, and another of a more generalist character. They are both PDF files. Rather heavy going, I'm afraid, but I'm stumped for a more lightweight analysis at the present.

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Blogger Tim Kevan said...

Like the site. I have put a link onto my own at Any chance of a link back? Best wishes, Tim Kevan

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Blogger BondWoman said...

Of course. You link to me, I'll ink to you! Happy new year.

3:07 pm  
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Blogger BasiaBernstein said...

When I was at BPP studying my famous law professors the, vast, majority of my class at Holborn had TCs. I can't speak for Waterloo though, didn't know anyone over there but did here that the situation was almost the opposite. Really strange.

10:30 am  
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